Friday, February 19, 2010

Participation at the Conference

We plan to be visible during the Conference
through, for example, the daily update of our Youth Blog

Regular postings of our activities will be placed on the blog as a record of our activities during the days. These will include our reactions to Conference session outcomes, reports on ad hoc discussions with key people in the Environment and Health movement and thoughts on the whole process recorded by our observers.

A number of us will be participating as official members of national Ministerial delegations and we aim to be active delegate members through our participation in plenary debates and discussions with our Ministers and officials.
Some of us are busy already in our countries, preparing short video spots. We hope that these will be projected at various timed throughout the conference, providing a youth perspective on different aspects of CEHAPE.

In the panel sessions we will be putting our prepared questions to Ministers and providing a youth focus to the discussions that the sessions stimulate.
We also hope to make ourselves visible during some of the less formal moments of the Conference when we are able to circulate at coffee breaks and lunches, sparking off discussion, networking with other organisations and maybe asking those questions that there were no time for during the debates.

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