Thursday, October 13, 2011

GECHH Symposium

In September 2011, Alma Almasi (WHO CEHAPE International Youth Delegate) and Diba Hadzibegovic (CEHAPE Youth Representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina) participated as panellists at UN University GECHH symposium in Verbana, Italy. The United Nations University launched Global Environmental Change and Human Health in 2006 as a Joint Project of the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) to respond to the growing need to understand better the multi-faceted and complex linkages between global environmental change (including climate change, land and sea use change, global biodiversity loss and change, global socio-economic change) and human health. The GECHH aims at elucidating the spectrum and magnitude of risks to human wellbeing and health, consequent upon human-induced global environmental changes, in order that society at large has a fuller understanding of the actual and likely consequences of the ways in which, collectively, human societies are changing the Earth System. In 2011, connected to the International Year of Forests, the GECHH organised its annual Symposium to exchange findings that can help prevent deforestation and the better usage of water resources worldwide.


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