Saturday, November 12, 2011

European Environment and Health Task Force Meeting

27-28th October 2011 were the dates for the first WHO European Environment and Health Task Force (EEHTF) meeting. This task force was established after the commitment made by member states at the Parma Conference and was held in Bled, Slovenia. The EEHTF meeting gathered Focal Points from approximately 50 countries of the WHO European Region, NGOs, Environment and Health Agencies and other relevant stakeholders in the process across Europe. Among them, the WHO CEHAPE Youth Network had its place. As important actors in the Environment and Health process in this region, 22 young people came to Bled to make their contribution। 15 of them were official members of National Delegations.

[On photo: Youth Representatives from WHO CEHAPE Youth Network, Bled 2011] On 26th of October a Youth preparatory meeting was organized where youth representatives discussed options and possibilities for future involvement in the WHO European Environment and Health process, and exchanged ideas, experiences, good practices they were involved in in their home countries। Francesca Racioppi and Christian Schweizer from the WHO European Regional Office and members of the Environment and Health programme, also participated and answered the questions from youth representatives. At the end of the Youth preparatory meeting, participants agreed the feedback which was presented on 27th at session B - Governance: involving all stake holders and other actors-. During this session we had fruitful discussion on the active role of youth in the implementation of the EEHP at national and international level.

On photo: Youth Representatives from WHO CEHAPE Youth Network, Bled 2011

At the final session of the EEHTF meeting, Jan Peloza, youth representative from Slovenia, gave an excellent presentation on the outcomes of session B discussions and presented recommendations to be submitted to EEHFT for endorsement।

We would like to thank the Government of Slovenia and the WHO Slovenian Country Office for their generosity in providing technical assistance and the facilities for hosting the preparatory youth meeting.


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