Monday, December 21, 2009

Second week and results of COP-15

Today I can say that COP-15 has become a part of history. It finished 2 days ago.
It was unforgettable experience for everybody who took part there, who was inside or outside the Bella Center.

It's hard to judge the results of COP-15. Copenhagen Accord of course is not the best result and was the worst prediction of COP-15 but it's better than nothing. World leaders came to the Bella Center during the last two days and gave their speaches. But 2 days could not be enough as 2 weeks for getting a good solution and result.

I agree with the words of Russian President Medvedev that we are going to have long and deep work. And it's only our first step.

The full text of Copenhagen Accord you could find on the website.

In the end I would like to share with you the youth voice at the Plenary sessions at COP-15:

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