Thursday, March 4, 2010

France prepares for Parma

Appel de la Jeunesse (Youth call to action) held the first youth and
decision-maker conference on health and environment in the National
Assembly in Paris on Thursday 26 February in preparation for the
Parma conference.

Martin Rieussec and Pascal Conges of the Collectif Appel de la
Jeunesse have been part of the Europe-wide development of a
declaration that will be signed in Parma by the ministers of health
and environment present at the meeting.

The five associations which make up the Appel de la Jeunesse
collective include an association for osteopath students (Regards
Croises) who recently organised a conference on the causes of cancer
following the death of one of their fellow students. They discovered
that the causes of the illness were inked to an industrialised food
chain, intensive agriculture, pollution, different types of ionising
radiation and so on.

The collectif aims to bring together student organisations and young
people interested in health and environment and encourage lifestyles
and consumerism that is respectful of health, societies and ecosystems.

Martin Rieussec, President of the Collectif Appel de la Jeunesse and
founder of Regards Croises told the meeting: "We do not think that
our generation et those to come can be in good health on a sick planet."

Contact: Martin Rieussec, President,

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