Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Part 4 of the History of Youth participation in the process of environment and health policymaking

Youth Event in Vienna, June 2007

Youth Conference held in Vienna, June 2007, in parallel with the Intergovernmental Midterm Review (IMR) of progress made since the Budapest Conference. The Conference gathered 51 young people from 28 countries. Youth had discussions and elaboration about future steps up to the 5th Ministerial Conference in Parma, Italy, March 2010.

Young people had a presentation of youth views and a youth-friendly version of the CEHAPE (YFC) during the review meeting to the European Environment and Health network.

The videos were also shown to the youth delegates and government officials gathered at the IMR to spark discussions and give an audio-visual testimony of what young Europeans have to say regarding health and environment issues.The videos were produced in a five-day workshop organized in Belgrade by WHO/Europe, UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation, with the support of the WHO Country Office in Belgrade and the Department of Health and Children in Ireland.

New youth delegates were elected for the period of 2007-2009 for participation in High-level meetings, decision and policy-making processes, for developing youth network, having the youth preparatory meetings for the 5th Ministerial Conference in Parma, 2010.

The purpose of youth participation:

1. Bring in the youth point of view
2. Participate actively in decision-making processes and in their preparation
3. National youth network to maximize participation through local projects
4. Raise awareness of the CEHAPE and the European Environment and Health process among youth

To download YFC click here

To know more about ideas for implementation of YFC click here

To read Official WHO Meeting report about Youth conference during IMR click here

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