Friday, November 13, 2009

Part 5 of the History of Youth participation in the process of environment and health policymaking

New CEHAPE Youth Delegates [Alina Bezhenar, Ildiko Almasi, Rena Javaid, Kyle Worgan] started to participate in the high-level preparatory meetings and Declaration drafting group meetings for the 5th Ministerial Conference since IMR elections in Vienna.

They took part in the 24th EEHC meeting in Bonn in October 2007 where they presented a successful presentation about "Current participation of youth".

To download this presentation click here

Also in Bonn the priorities of the CEHAPE process were endorsed. And they include:

- inequity in environment and health;
- gender issues;
- specific needs of the Newly Independent States and countries of south-eastern Europe;
- working with new stakeholders including local authorities, the private sector and young people;
- synergies and new opportunities in working across boundaries, with a particular focus on climate change (established political processes will also be addressed under this priority);
- understanding the influence of the economy on environment and health policy making.

In Milan [March 2008] during the First High Level Preparatory Meeting was held. This meeting focused on safe water and sanitation and on injury prevention and promotion of physical activity, two of the four priorities of the Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE). It also helped set the theme and agenda of the Ministerial Conference of 2010.

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