Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kyle Worgan, my history of involvement in the CEHAPE

Hello! My name is Kyle Worgan. I have been involved in the CEHAPE/ Health Environment and Youth Process since Luxemburg 2007. I was elected as an International Youth Representative at the IMR meeting in Vienna 2007 and am very committed to achieve positive changes and outcomes in European Environment and Health. Environment, Transport and Health has always been the topic that I am most passionate about. Prior to the CEHAPE process I was part of my schools Pupil Council, then I also became part of my Local Authority. I found this work particularly rewarding as I could meet with individuals and help them with their problems. I was then elected to the National Youth parliament and helped lead talks in the Environment and Transport Committee, lobbying the government, which achieved a Ј30 million investment to lower the cost of public transport for young people in Scotland. I have worked closely with the UK government in creating the CEHAPE strategy for the UK which is now a green paper. I have also been representing the network and its views at many European meetings like the EEHC and the CEHAPE task force. For the Future I strongly believe in the network becoming a more independent, semi-autonomous, organisation continuing to have an input in high level meetings working with governments and organisations to ultimately attain a better life for the children and people of Europe.

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